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Greetings and gratitude !

Today I want to introduce you to Rahanni Celestial Healing- an incredible healing modality I practice regularly on my clients, and also teach to others wanting to develop their own spiritual awareness and healing potential.


Rahanni was presented to Carol Stacey, dedicated spiritual healer and teacher in 2002. She is an amazing human being, and I recommend you visit her website and read about the  incredible journey that led her to Rahanni . It is now practised in 35 countries world wide.

It is a hands on energy healing, and many reading this may already heard of or be familiar with Reiki healing. Like Reiki, it works by the practitioner ( healer) acting as a channel for the healing light. This flows through them, out of their hands, and into the person/child/animal requiring healing. This is where the similarity ends. As Reiki is an 'earth energy' and Rahanni is a celestial energy, coming from the stars and higher dimensions.


The name Rahanni means ' of one heart' . It works by balancing the heart centre and works at a higher level of vibration. It can help each individual to raise their consciousness and,discover their true essence,  encouraging them to move forward on their own life path. It is a fifth dimensional healing and has been brought to our planet to help with the ascension process.


Rahanni Celestial Healing vibrates on a pink ray of light, bringing forward truth, love and compassion for every man, woman and child -releasing our fears and negative energies. This consequently frees up more space for the healing light to come in, bringing the potential for physical healing and inner peace.


Children resonate and respond well with the gentle healing light of Rahanni, and especially those that have been labelled as having ADD, ( attention deficit disorder ) ADHD, ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) and those on the Autistic spectrum.


My own initial experience of Rahanni Celestial Healing was about five years ago while working as a volunteer complementary therapist at my local hospice. One of my colleagues had be trained as a Rahanni practitioner, and kindly offered me a session one day when I was feeling low. Having received many types of healing before including Reiki and Kahuna, I was open to the process but not prepared for the feeling I felt in my heart . It was both indescribable,and familiar at the same time ! Such love, comfort and a feeling of being safe. I then had a vision, seeing myself teaching Rahanni to others. As a result I very quickly found a Rahanni teacher, and was attuned to level 1 in a day ( yes it's that simple ) . After a time spent on self- healing I began using it on friends and family, before introducing it into my healing business.  It never fails to astound me, how it can help people on so many different levels, in a way that is just right for them. And no two treatments are the same.


Those that decide to learn and be attuned to Rahanni, may do so to help with their own self- healing. Others want to use it as a support system to improve and maintain their families health. And then there are those who are called to practice Rahanni professionally, either beginning or adding to their own healing career.


If you feel Rahanni Celestial Healing could help you or someone you know then please contact me either by phone or email. I am also happy to answer any further questions you may have.It is recommenced that you commit to three sessions to get the best possible outcome although this is by no means mandatory.


Thank you for taking the time to read about this beautiful healing modality that I am so passionate about. .Maybe one day you will get to experience the potential of this healing for yourself.



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