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About Reflexology

The feet were treated using massage by civilisations in China, Egypt and India thousands of years ago although some texts suggest it may have originated in Peru around the 12th century B.C !

Reflexology is a science that considers that the feet mirror the body. It is based on the ancient Chinese understanding of how the energy flow ( 'Chi') around the body relates to overall health. A freely flowing Chi will support the body to withstand disease and function in harmony with the mind. Discomfort and illness- ( physical and emotional ) are viewed as imbalances that restrict the flow of this energy.

As a reflexologist I will use a combination of foot massage ( to relax and boost circulation) and specific work on reflex points. The technique will vary according to the individuals needs. Reflexology treatment can help the body start releasing that which does not serve it, freeing the 'chi' to flow. When the mind and body reconnect, then harmony and balance can follow.


What can it help with ?

I will not make claims to diagnose, cure or prescribe to my clients. Every person responds individually and their feedback is encouraged to provide the best possible experience. However reflexology can help to improve your health,and by strengthening the immune system it can help prevent further ill health. I have experienced customers that attend regularly obtain improvements, and in some cases relief from the following health conditions- Constipation, Insomnia,Hormone imbalances, Anxiety,Stress, Muscular Pains, High Blood Pressure, Headaches,Low energy and Depression.

Reflexology is a  safe and effective therapy, and although not the same as conventional medical treatment it works well alongside it. There is no need to get permission from the doctor although you may want to inform them. Your body is your responsibility.

Some people choose to utilise Reflexology purely as an occasional relaxing treat and that is absolutely fine ! But I am increasingly finding more people coming to me in search of a more natural, long- term investment in their overall health and well-being. Although there is no obligation to undertake a course of recommended treatments, regular clients often tend to find their overall health starts to improve and then this is maintained.


What happens during a Reflexology treatment.

An initial consultation will be done before your first session. Do wear comfortable clothes that can allow access to your lower leg ( no tight jeans ) .You will then be positioned so that your legs are supported and feet raised. It is most relaxing done on the therapy couch, but if preferred you may sit in a chair. Your socks will be removed.

Contra-indications to treatment include open wounds, infections, broken bones, blood clots and first trimester pregnancies. This will be established during your consultation.

The most common response following Reflexology is for you to feel deeply relaxed on all levels. If you have been experiencing physical pain or emotional stress this may be reduced- either felt immediately, or often over the course of 48 hours.


What to expect after a Reflexology treatment.

The most common response following reflexology is for you to feel deeply relaxed on all levels. The body will also begin to cleanse and release itself of toxins as the natural healing process begins so you may experience the following over the next 48 hours ;

  • Increased thirst
  • An increase in energy or vitality
  • A need to rest and /or sleeping for longer periods
  • Increased urination
  • Changes in bowel movement
  • Spots
  • Fluctuations in your emotional state.
  • Cold like symptoms



To achieve the best outcome from your Reflexology session -for the following 48 hours after treatment it is advised you avoid alcohol and caffeine, drink plenty of water, and allow the body sufficient rest.

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