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About Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing has truly helped heal my physical and psychological health. It is so relaxing - you just need to have an open mind to the healing process.     J- St Albans

'Rahanni' means 'of one heart'

Rahanni Celestial Healing is different from other forms of healing because it works on a higher vibrational level, balancing the heart centre and helping each individual discover the true love and compassion within themselves.

It was presented to the founder, dedicated spiritual healer Carol Stacey in 2002. It is now to be found in over 30 countries worldwide. It is a healing modality that can help raise human consciousness and development at this time.

Rahanni supports by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres and the masculine and feminine aspects of our being, helping to release fears and negative energies absorbed during the course of our lives.
The mind starts to find peace and the body can begin to heal itself.
It can help us with communication, finding our true path and gaining the strength and vision to create the life we want.


Who Can Benefit?

Everybody, including pregnant ladies and especially children...they are very open to these higher energies. It can even benefit those diagnosed with A.D.H.D ,hyperactivity and epilepsy.
You do not have to 'understand' Rahanni for it to work, just be open and have a desire to accept the healing energy.


What Happens During A Treatment?

Remaining fully clothed, the healing session usually take place with the person lying down on the couch although it can also be performed seated on a chair.
The Rahanni practitioner will then connect to the healing vibration and proceed to channel the light energies through to you, via the hands.

The actual treatment session may typically last between 20 -40 minutes depending on the severity of the problem. For children it is anything from 5 minutes for a baby ,and up to 25 minutes for an older child.
You may feel warmth and tingles, usually falling into a deep relaxation and sometimes sleep. It is an individual experience.
Afterwards you are advised to rest as needed, drink water, and avoid alcohol and caffeine for the next 24-48 hours if possible.


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Initially it is best to have a course of three treatments for optimum results. After this the practitioner will assess the situation and advise accordingly. We all have different needs and responses , your body will decide exactly how much healing light is required.
Many people have found so much comfort and inspiration from this gentle but effective healing.


Rahanni Celestial Healing Level 1 and 2 courses

If you feel guided to start healing yourself and maybe others then learning to be a Rahanni practitioner could be for you.

No previous healing experience is necessary ! Rahanni is ether taught on a 1-1 level or in very small groups. Become attuned to this gentle but effective healing modality – perfect to use during these challenging times for humanity. Live the life you deserve !

I am very privileged to have been made one of the 'Guardians' of Rahanni Celestial Healing by Carol Stacey since November 2018. I love to give Rahanni treatments, to teach Rahanni and also to hold regular Rahanni shares/updates that are open to all of my Rahanni students and indeed any other practitioners of Rahanni in my local area that would like some extra support.

For further details regarding my experiences with Rahanni please got to the blog page section of this site. Here you can read 'Rahanni Celestial Healing'- An introduction.


Rahanni Celestial Healing-Level 1 Practitioner

Simplicity itself, it is taught in one day. On completion you will be able to perform hands on healing for others and for yourself, as well as distant healing.


Included in the teaching day.
(adapted from Carol Stacey's website )

  • Your attunement to Rahanni, a 5th Dimensional healing light.
  • A raising of your spiritual vibration to connect with the 5th Dimension
  • The full original comprehensive Rahanni reference manual containing everything you require.
  • Connection to Ascended Masters, Archangels and Higher Beings of Light.
  • Distant Healing procedure.
  • Healing for Children, Animals
  • Self-Healing and healing of situations.
  • Connection to 7 Archangels and their attributes.
  • A certificate, accepted by Insurance companies world-wide.
  • On-going support to all Practitioners/Teachers of Rahanni for as long as it is required.
  • You can also be included in the Rahanni Directory Listing to help promote your business..


Price Level 1: 1-1 attunement £165.00.   Group- price £150
£50 Non-refundable deposit required on booking- and the remaining balance payable on the day.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday 6th October 2020     (9.30-4.30) 

Tuesday 20th October 2020   (9.30-4.30) 

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 ( 9.30-4.30 )

Sunday 15th November 2020 (9.30-4.30 ) 

( I may be able to cater for a specific date please contact me ) 


Rahanni Celestial Healing- Level 2 ( teaching level ) Practitioner

By choosing to attend the ( teaching ) level two course ,the student will increase their knowledge of Rahanni Celestial Healing and will achieve a deeper understanding of where this healing originates from and how to attune and teach Rahanni Celestial Healing to others. This workshop is for you if you have been practicing Rahanni Celestial Healing for six months or more and are motivated to further your knowledge and practice- wanting to understand Rahanni Celestial Healing at a deeper level.. On completion your spiritual vibration will be raised further and you may go on to attune and teach this beautiful healing to others.. usually can be taught in one extended day.


Included in the teaching day:

  • Rahanni Level 2 Attunement to Rahanni Teaching Symbol.
  • Theory & Practice of Teaching Rahanni Celestial Healing
  • Theory & Practice of Attuning others to Rahanni Energy
  • Comprehensive Level 2 Manual
  • Teacher Certificate -upon Successful Completion of the Course
  • Continued support and guidance after qualifying.
  • Carol's 'My Rahanni Journey Cd
  • Attunement symbol cards

Course requirements:

Students must have completed Rahanni Celestial Healing, Level 1: Practitioner (minimum of 6 months experience). Students must also display a thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of Rahanni Celestial Healing and bring client testimonials for discussion.


Price : £250.00.

A Non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your place on booking.


Upcoming dates

To be arranged from January 2021 - watch this space !


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