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Greetings and gratitude !

Many thanks for landing here on my website and taking the time to read my first blog. I'm going to be really honest - this post was born after much procrastination, self- doubt and irrational stalling. But hey I got here in the end.

It's aim is to provide an honest account of my journey working as a healer, and some of the opinions and knowledge I have gained along the way. Anything that doesn't resonate with you, feel free to disregard.

Let me start by challenging any misconceptions that people may hold about those who choose to work as healers, like myself. Typically we are neither perfectly wholesome beings, or are we holier than thou !

Healers can be found in all walks of life, and in many guises. Healing experiences can occur for those people that choose to come to us for help- and we are perfectly able to provide this service , while also recognising , acknowledging and working on our own ongoing issues. We are all human beings !The healing of the self is an eternal journey.

Each person on this planet has imperfections and lessons to work through.

Our three minds ( conscious, subconscious and higher minds) and four bodies ( emotional, mental spiritual and physical ) are in a constant state of change. This change is influenced by many factors including our environment,our relationships and to what degree of dis-ease we choose to carry around with us.

Working as a healer is both a privilege and a gift, and I take this responsibility seriously. But rewind to my younger years, when I first started my journey as a healer it was a tad different ! While living in London I was probably not untypical in my interest for working hard and playing harder. The diversity and excitement of London was so magnetic,and I happily balanced my job working as a nurse for people with learning disabilities (also a healing role ) which I loved ,with my social life.

I prided myself in managing to provide a decent level of care each and every day. Yes, I had the occasional sick day due to the Mother of all hangovers, but generally I was driven,reliable and efficient. I did observe though,while working within the NHS, that a significant proportion of health professionals battle with their own very real physical and mental health issues. It comes with the territory. Without the right support it can be a lonely and difficult job. There's a reason why the wages are relatively meagre, in comparison to the sick pay and benefits.

In my spare time I chose to study subjects including Psychic Development,Aura-Soma Colour therapy, Reiki Healing and crystal healing. This began to bring alive my life long interest in all things spiritual and magical. But I simply didn't sincerely put what I had learnt into practice at the time. I just enjoyed discovering the various healing techniques and the possibilities they could offer. Apart from offering occasional sessions to friends and family, they pretty much went on the back burner. I still continued to stay up late more often than not. Drinking,smoking and eating out more frequently than I should. London being the perfect place for all the above, it never felt boring..I was hardly a role model for a spiritually conscious and aware woman, and lets face it -my body was certainly not my temple.

But then everything changed when I became pregnant with my first child. I started to take all aspects of my health a lot more seriously and began to integrate and use the knowledge I had gained over the last few years in useful and practical ways. Becoming a Mother is something I felt completely connected to from the word go , so me changing to a healthier lifestyle was essential. Despite a healthy and happy pregnancy,my baby daughter and me went through a tricky birthing process to say the least. My envisioned natural birth- supported only by Dolphin music and lavender oil was quickly quashed as my baby went into distress and we ended up having every medical intervention going to save us.

As a result of the trauma – my daughter went on to develop severe eczema, a thyroid imbalance, reoccurring throat infections and erratic sleeping. She was in so much distress. My GP couldn't offer any solutions I felt happy with,but did agree to refer her to what was then called the Royal London Homeopathic hospital.

Here, they gave her a truly holistic assessment, they provided homeopathic ointments and tinctures for her eczema which gave results,and were adjusted over time to suit my daughters needs. I also did some research and found how Paediatric Osteopathy could give new born babies relief from birth trauma and induced conditions. And this led us to the Osteopathic Centre for Children, where their gentle but profound sessions steadily healed the inner trauma and tension that was causing so much physical discomfort.

Combining these two amazing services with some regular short Reiki healing sessions from me, all of my daughters conditions were treated and healed over 18 months. This process confirmed for me how natural and complementary healing techniques were absolutely valid and worked . I felt inspired to practice healing seriously.

I went on over the years to study several other healing disciplines including Reflexology, and furthered my Reiki training up to master level. When I finally needed to leave my nursing career behind me, I chose to create my own holistic healing business and became self-employed. Finally bringing EVERYTHING I had learnt over the last twenty or so years together. (The most recent healing modality I have learnt is that of Rahanni Celestial Healing. After practising for some time I extended my study and I am now also teaching this beautiful energy healing for others to use )

I now try to walk the walk and talk the talk - I strive to eat well, take the exercise I need, spend time with family and friends, and work on self-healing. These regular activities allow me to achieve and maintain the best balance I can. Making a conscious decision not to be part of the 'do as I say but not as I do brigade was pretty easy. Acting on and maintaining it is more challenging ! It takes work and motivation.

Yes I have days when I may doubt my ability to provide the best service I can because maybe I am feeling a little low, or woken up with a few aches and pains. But I make a judgement and for the majority of the time I am always able to forge ahead,. With the ego held firmly out of the way, and with the purest of intent ,positive outcomes are enabled for my customers. It's amazing what you can achieve when you train your mind to focus 100% on another person.

So how can we stay balanced ?

From personal experience the best advice I give myself and others is be consistent, once you feel and look 'better',don't stop all the hard work ! You need to maintain that for life...yes life !

The old adage 'prevention is better than cure 'could not be true enough ! Your commitment to your own well being will not make you completely invincible to every test that life throws your way. But it will certainly minimise the potential negative impact it may have , and allow you to bounce back, quicker and more efficiently.

So please remember, we are all in this together. If your healer/therapist/doctor/nurse etc seems occasionally a bit out of sorts, then they probably are ! Don't judge them, just trust that they are perfectly capable of helping you with your own unique healing journey. Its the job they have chosen and they will do their best. We are all part of this amazing universe, and we all deserve the most fantastic life we can possibly have. But we have to work at it, and like anything - where attention goes energy flows. So make that attention towards yourself positive. You are worth it.

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